The Northern Lights Experience – Unforgettable!

I would recommend doing a northern lights tour…they are not so expensive, maybe $50 USD and they know where to go and if you get too cold you can get back into the heated bus. But last night we were lucky enough to see them all over Reykjavik after we got back from our tour…which is extremely rare because of all the city lights. I was out after midnight staring up at the sky as this beautiful natural phenomena played out its magic for me. It as an unforgettable experience!


Northern Lights Delight…finally!

It might have taken 5 trips to Iceland to see them…but last night had an incredible northern lights experience. Saw the lights before we went on the tour at our pick up location…then went and froze my butt off seeing them outside the city…and THEN saw them all over Reykjavik as we walked around after midnight, which is very rare! Photo credit Chris C


Tree-less Iceland? Not True!

I hear from all kinds of people who have never been to Iceland that there are NO trees on the Iceland. Well, I am in Reykjavik right now and there are plenty! As you get to the outskirts and along the coast it becomes a lot more barren…but in Reykjavik there are a lot of trees! Don’t always believe what you hear! And the northern lights are a lot more fickle than you would be led to believe. I’m going on a northern lights bus tour tonight…I will get back to you with my results and hopefully some cool pictures.