Escaping Eddies

The life of author Mark Vincent Lincir

Picnics Rule!

Paul Merson’s Mess – an entertaining read

Just finished Paul Merson’s memoir…what a freaking mess he was during his career. It’s hard for us non-professional footballers to understand how you can possibly ruin a million-dollar career (you get paid to play sport?!) with booze, drugs and women…but Paul does a good job of explaining it.

2006 World Cup Flashback

I was there and the Dutch Orange was out in full effect in Frankfurt when The Netherlands took on Argentina. Maradona actually stayed in our hotel, but we couldn’t wait up long enough for him after the game. Reports from hotel staff had him getting in from a “celebratory” evening at 5 am.

hot dutch chick

Interrupt…a poem

A lovely conversation

cut short by a strange call

want to bash my phone into a wall

now she’s gone

and all you wanted

is to borrow my car?

you did this on purpose

you hate my happiness

can I be left alone in a world of billions

you’re paying the tab this time

late for another useless meeting

daydreaming all night long

the sound of my mind cracking in half





another bland weekend

hypocracy unfounded

cold sphoto (79)oup you want to throw out a window.


Is it too early to think about dressing up for Halloween already? Fireplace Photos 1052

Fake or Real?

Is my bulging belly fake or real?Fireplace Photos 074

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