Forgiving Yourself – Easier said than done

Years ago I lost my mom after she had a lengthy battle with cancer. I miss her and think about her everyday. For years, I stewed about all the things I felt that I hadn’t done right during her illness. But I was a teenager and I know now that she has forgiven me. And I finally forgave myself with the help of writing a book.

After many years I decided to write a book about the struggles of battling cancer (from being around my mom) and the struggles of dealing with a loved one fighting cancer. In my book The Gift of Stoppage Time...I tell a fictional story about a family and their friends who are dealing with the struggles of a loved one and how a former town soccer hero helps his beloved mentor enjoy what could be the last night of his life. It has been very well received and I think you will find it inspirational and theraputic to read.

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London Language

Elevators are lifts…to yield is to “give way” (sounds sort of inappropriate doesn’t it?) a beer is a pint…garbage is rubbish and two weeks is a fortnight. Loving my time in sunny London.

Death Wish Surfing

Surfing Mavericks or Pipeline isn’t this dangerous. Going big in Phoenix, Arizona. DO NOT TRY THIS…it hurt!


Americans in Iceland

Had time today to catch up with American striker and all-around super nice guy Matt Horth in Reykjavik. I met Matt last January when he was headed over to Iceland for the first time at the airport. He signed on with Leiknur and helped them earn promotion to Iceland’s top flight for next season! His club has the chance to win the 2nd Division title with at least a draw this weekend. Good luck Matt! On a side note…I don’t feel too badly about not knowing much Icelandic since Matt has been here six months and is still as challenged with the language as I am!

Lucky for us…everyone is Iceland is so nice that they are all more than happy to speak English with you. ANOTHER NOTE – Matt makes me look short too (don’t know if I like that – LOL)

photo (97)

Reykjavik Sculptures – Not me

Thankfully there is somebody out there with a whole lot more talent than me…downtown Reykjavik.

photo (92)