Crazy Food Market

Scorpions, pigeons, beatles and sea-horses were just a few of the many types of crazy food we saw at this Bejing market the other day. I ate TWO scorpions! china street market

Hi-Rise Hong Kong

It goes up all around you

A sunny Sunday in Hong Kong

Soccer in the city

Nothing going wrong

A concrete field

Spectators waiting for  a thrill

So far away from home

Yet so comfortable

I get an excited chill…

hong kong 8

No Belgian Waffles at this Breakfast

You want protein? We got protein in Hong Kong on a lazy Sunday morning. Some peanut butter and waffles…loved it! FREE download of my debut novel The Gift of Stoppage Time – ClICK HERE 
hong kong 2

Cheating the System?

We tried it, but it didn’t work…trying to get around the rules in Hong Kong subways. If you’re shorter than this – you don’t pay!
hong kong 4

A Country Train Ride

A bright Norwegian fall 

This heavenly scene has it all

I sit quietly on a rumbling train

It’s so serene

There is no evidence of any pain

Staring at the water 

I wanna dive in

My dreams are so vivid

I sometimes don’t know where to begin


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