A Writer’s Success – Inspirational

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I love reading about other author’s success stories…they inspire me! And I do love self-publishing…when it goes well, it’s all you and when there are struggles or challenges, nobody to blame but yourself.

Alex Morgan Leads USA Past Colombia 2-0

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Check out my latest opinions on where the USA Women have been and where they are headed in this World Cup!


Death-defying Soccer Skills

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He had me when he did the big circles holding the ball on his laces. I would have dislocated my hip then and that’s only at the 55th second. Make sure the watch the whole clip…I would have died trying to do what he did at the end. You think he would sign up for my Sunday League team? Only $200 for the season and you gotta buy your own uniform.

Cheer up…you could be sailing

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Think of Christopher Cross’ song Sailing…and if you’re having a bad day, picture yourself in this scene and fill in the details of who you are with yourself. If you’re having a great day…do the same and make it even greater! Italy 5