Risk vs. Reward

I’m at a pay phone waiting to call you…but I don’t want to get electrocuted, so I’ll just talk to you when I see you at home…phone booth

Yummy Scorpions for Lunch!

I almost grabbed one of these sticks and started eating these scorpions recently in Bejing, China. Problem is…they are still alive! The cook will take them and deep fry them and sprinkle them with some salt before you ate them…which I did. I actually ate two. Cooking them cooks the poison out (supposedly). I could have sworn I felt some numbness in the back of my neck for a while after eating them! scorpions on sticks PHOTO

You Rang?

Now…that’s an entry way! Forbidden Palace, Bejing China. Keep checking back, I’ll have plenty more pictures and stories from my recent trip to Asia where I ate duck, fugu and scorpions!
big door 2

Crazy Food Market

Scorpions, pigeons, beatles and sea-horses were just a few of the many types of crazy food we saw at this Bejing market the other day. I ate TWO scorpions! china street market

Hi-Rise Hong Kong

It goes up all around you

A sunny Sunday in Hong Kong

Soccer in the city

Nothing going wrong

A concrete field

Spectators waiting for  a thrill

So far away from home

Yet so comfortable

I get an excited chill…

hong kong 8