Love this quote

I saw this quote when I was a kid and have never forgotten it…don’t remember who said it, but I can guess that it wasn’t Miley Cyrus.

“The mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it.”

Oslo Snow Nights

I’m in shorts and t-shirts now and might take a nap in the sun this afternoon in Arizona. But just a few days ago I was in chilly Oslo, Norway enjoying friendly people, great food and drink and lots of snow! Forgot to bring my boots though, which was a big mistake. I took this picture as I slipped and slided my way through fresh snow in sneakers to dinner.

Oslo nights

Happy New Year Laughs

What are the holidays without a good laugh at somebody else’s expense. That somebody else in this case being me! I was not seriously injured in this stunt but…DO NOT TRY


Re-defining Minimalist Living

Now…THAT is a small kitchen! Not wasting any space in Paris, France. My accommodations leading up to Christmas. IMG_4886

A Poem About Adulthood

IMG_3234Walking along the beach

All my dreams seem within reach

Aiming for the stars

Going for it all

Not thinking of taking the fall

When you’re young it all seems so close

Until reality throws its own dose

Dragging you back down to earth

Shattering what you thought was reachable 

Stuffing you in your place

Get ready to join the rat race. 

From my collection of 100 poems – The World Needs More Belly Rubs.

Keeping My Day Job

Don’t expect to see my mug on ESPN or Fox anytime soon…but taking a stab at hosting a show is good fun from time to time. Enjoy!