Ugly Loves Company

These trolls were like “who’s this goofy-looking dude” taking a picture with us? Sorry I made them look bad! Cruising the main street in Reykhavik early midweek afternoon. Everyone was out yesterday as the sun was shining brightly. I apologize to the trolls for spoiling their mood. mark with trolls

Cold Water Swimming???

I stare out at what is surely a cold Atlantic ocean and wonder just HOW COLD it is? Well, I’m not gonna find out anytime soon. Because it looks very, very cold. I’ve been watching people all week head out at night for their “northern lights” tours and just wanna yell out loud “suckas!”

I’m not bitter at all about not seeing the Northern Lights yet, am I???

Iceland is awesome…I continue to meet super nice awesome people. The beer is good, the food is good. The weather is unpredictable which is fine with me because I love wearing jackets. Have I done anything exciting yet you ask? I took a cool picture with some trolls yesterday, I will post that later. I am also considering putting my life on the line and renting a four wheeled scooter (does that come with life insurance?).

I grew up near the ocean and a port in my hometown of San Pedro, California…so these pictures of the ocean and port make me feel good. If you haven’t been to Iceland yet…get here.

Speaking of my hometown…I wrote a novel set in San Pedro at some of my old stomping grounds. Check it out -

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photo (78)

Volcanos & Northern Lights

Just so you know…the Northern Lights are extremely fickle. So don’t think that if you venture to Iceland you’re going to see a lazer light show every night of the week. We were even joking with some locals about it last night. I’m not saying it’s a scam because I love Iceland and the people here…I’m just sayin.

The volcano eruptions are pretty far from us here in Reykhavik…some people are concerned. Others not so much. I’m having a great time here. Food is awesome, people are super friendly. I gotta hit my favorite bakery before I come home…donuts are the size of my head! And even though winter is just around the corner, I snapped this afternoon photo of the sun actually coming out over the coast. Good times! photo (77)

Icelandic Model?

No, it’s not a picture of a beautiful Icelandic model…it’s a picture of me trying out my street modelling in Iceland’s capitol city of Reykjavik. Unfortunately, I did NOT get signed off the street by a big time agency.

photo (67)

Football the Iceland Way

For Fylkir footbal club in Iceland it was a tough end to a season as they fell 4-0 to KR on a cold and windy evening in Rejkhavik. I was there live and in person and met the Mayor of Reykjavik and saw former Charlton defender Hermann Heriedirsson.

The pitch was immaculate, the half-time chocolate cake delicious and the fans all super-friendly. Have I told you how much I love Iceland yet? Despite my late to rise…early to bed routine in the states, I am headed out for a second night in a row for a shot of Brenevin and maybe a pick up game of handball (kidding on the handball part).

Northern Lights you ask? I was shutout last time in January…and have since learned that the Northern Lights are very, very fickle. But I might try again tonight and will let you know if I see them so that I don’t keep using the northern lights in the same breath as big foot (they are both fake?).


BTW…you want a brunch? I’ll show you a brunch! I barely put a dent in this massive meal today while watching the Man Utd 4-0 victory over QPR today. I don’t know how much it cost (somebody else picking up the tab is a beautiful thing) but it was worth every penny!
photo (73)

Late Nights in Iceland

Leave Phoenix at 11 pm Friday night on the red-eye to JFK – get barely any sleep…flight sucked. “Enjoy” a five hour lay over at JFK eating junk while waiting to fly to Iceland. Leave for Iceland mid-afternoon. Actually get some sleep on flight to Rejkhavik. Arrive in Rejkhavik at midnight take 30 minute bus ride into town. Get hotel…then -

Get hot dogs at the famous hot dog stand (I have no idea what the name is). But I do know that it’s right across from the ocean and port and there’s one guy in there who does everything and never looks happy about it. THEN we are wide awake now and it’s almost 2 am so we wander around Rejkhavik, which is just getting going at that hour and see the sights. Nightclubs and bars everywhere! A fun and friendly scene that features live bands, lots of bars and people screaming at each other (wish we had it translated) until dawn.

I love this place.

"The" hot dog stand in Rejkhavik, Iceland 130 am

“The” hot dog stand in Rejkhavik, Iceland 130 am