Merry Christmas – Get Shopping!

Getting home from Europe on Dec 20 leaves little time for shopping, but I’m not complaining. My family can enjoy a customized photo album of all my trips under the tree come December 25th! Vicenza, Italy…vinzenza tree

Merry Christmas from Italy!

Forget bundling up! Grad a bathing suit and let’s go sailing. Two weeks before Christmas in Trieste, Italy.
Italy 5

Italian Dreaming

A winter walk

Along the sea

Come relax with me

We can laugh and joke

I refuse to smoke

A nap follows lunch

I have a hunch

Let’s take another stroll

And watch the beauty 

Take its toll. 


Italy 4

Historic Italian Architecture – Bellissimo!

I couldn’t help but stand under this ceiling staring straight up at the incredible brickwork in this Basilica in Vicenza, Italy. Must have taken many, many years to get this right. That is all hand-laid brick you are looking at from hundreds of years ago. My room was 30 feet from this photo. Thanks to the master craftsmen of years past!

We exchanged smiles and then she walked away

I waited for her to return

And stared at the bricks above my head for hours

When she did come back…she smiled again.

And warned me not to strain my neck

I haven’t seen her since. 


Italian Alps – Ciao Bella!

I had the opportunity to spend the last few days in Gaby, which is a small village in the Italian Alps. What a memorable experience! Private party with all the meat I could eat and wine at a fourth generation Butcher’s shop…clean air, hot cappucinos and friendly smiles. I will return – I hope! Loved it.

italy 13