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Chillin’ with your buddies

On a mild winter afternoon

Trying to avoid a unseasonal monsoon

Hitting a golfball so far you lose its sight

Trying not to freak out

Using all your might

Playing brain games with an inferior opponent

Somebody recognizing you when you don’t want it

Being owed money from a cheapskate

Forgetting where you just ate

Rambling, rumbling, bumbling and tumbling

Your way through a reindeer infested happy hour crowd

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Saturday Sunshine

Elegance in parvelavence

Skateboarding in your chonies

A free buffet that costs you a stent

Allegiance to a pretend cartoon character

Travelling the world in your mind only

Subway token spilling out of your ears

A coniving turtle who owes you money

Barking at the moon in the middle of the day

A jobless man who works 24/7

Paperless companies that accomplish nothing

A video game that can’t be reset

Coffee on New Year’s eve


Manipulating facts of a fictional story

Unregulated naps

Perfect timing on a malfunctioning watch 

A soft rock 

FIFA Makes a Mess of Messi

Most of us agree that Lionel Messi did not deserve the Golden Ball for the World Cup. So why did he win it anyway? Because FIFA decided it and FIFA can obviously do whatever it wants and nobody can stop them. You could see that Messi was gutted by losing the final and even he would probably admit that he didn’t deserve the award.

Germany’s Schweinstieger or even James of Colombia would largely be many peoples’ picks. I would even throw Muller of Germany in there as well. Buy Messi? NO WAY.

I’m over the World Cup now and happy that Germany won it in such fine style. Goetze goal was a stroke of brilliance and the final contained NO controversy from the refs either, which was nice. Germany was the best team in the tournament and it showed with them chasing Brazil very closely now for the most World Cups in history.

The Silly Season (transfer window) is in full effect now and I would say that the move I am watching most closely is the possibility of Arturo Vidal moving from Juventus to Manchester United. I got up late today, so if it’s happened…good! I think it will happen, but I think that Man Utd still really needs to shore up their back line.

After his performance in the World Cup, I’m not sure if the Diego Costa signing by Chelsea is a good one. I would still LOVE to see Chelsea bring back Drogba. He still scores a goal EVERYTIME I watch him play. I don’t care how old he is!

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The Mike Magee Quiz

Watch this pretty funny video…and at the end if you can tell me who Mike Magee is I will buy you a sandwich (kidding…won’t buy you the sandwich, but I’m curious how many of you know who last year’s MLS MVP is). Also, check out the cameos by Sydney Leroux, Bruce Arena and many others.


Germany Will Triumph!

It’s not often that I wake up at 7 am on a Sunday…but today I am ready to go! Most people I speak to believe Germany will win today…and I agree with them. The only thing that can put Argentina on top is the magic of Messi, but you have to know that Germany will pay special defensive attention to the world’s best player.

Germany are too balanced, strong, physical, fast, technical and tactically sound (did I miss anything?). They are the best team in this tournament. Argentina surprised me by getting to the final and it was mostly due to Netherlands Manager Van Gaal making an absolute mess out of their penalty shootout against Argentina in the semi (Vlaar shooting first, are you f-ing kidding me!).

Germany has too many offensive threats and is too committed on defense to let Argentina through. I think today’s match will be tight with many fouls (Argentina flopping?)…but in the end, Germany will prevail.

ON A SIDE NOTE – it makes me sick that Barca are signing Luis Suarez (I mean, he only bit a FEW people)…but he scores goals so who cares that he is an absolute embarrassment to the game. Also, Freddy Adu was declined a contract offer from AZ Alkmaar…rough luck for the kid…I hate to say that Peter Nowak ruined him, but maybe he did?

The transfer season will bring with it many crazy moves…the most interesting one I read this morning is Arturo Vidal possibly heading to Man Utd. I can’t see Juventus giving him up, but you never know. My Man Utd loving wife should be ecstatic if that happens!

I CALL BS – on the fact that USA goalkeeper Tim Howard wasn’t included as a finalist as the best goalkeeper of the World Cup. He BROKE the record for most saves in the World Cup match! Give me a break! He is arguably the top keeper in the world game in and game out and proved it in this World Cup. There IS an anti-American bias going on here. Say what you want about our field players…but our goalkeepers have been world-class for years. Kasey Keller, Brad Freidel and now Howard can stack up against ANY keeper anywhere!