Tree-less Iceland? Not True!

I hear from all kinds of people who have never been to Iceland that there are NO trees on the Iceland. Well, I am in Reykjavik right now and there are plenty! As you get to the outskirts and along the coast it becomes a lot more barren…but in Reykjavik there are a lot of trees! Don’t always believe what you hear! And the northern lights are a lot more fickle than you would be led to believe. I’m going on a northern lights bus tour tonight…I will get back to you with my results and hopefully some cool pictures.


Seattle Out-think Themselves in Brutal Super-Bowl Loss

I know football. I won a CYO championship and went undefeated in 8th grade as a “never-drop-a-pass” receiver and even played freshman year of high school…but when the coaches turned me into a defensive end, I said forget it. So I know enough to know that you Seattle’s second down call at the end of the Super Bowl was one of, if not THE worst play call in the history of the NFL.

Everyone knows it. Chris Collingsworth couldn’t believe it. Nobody could…so why did they do it? Pete Carroll tried to justify that it was almost as if they were setting up the Patriots for 3rd and 4th down. Well, it didn’t work genius Pete. The call was dreadful, awful, horrible and unforgiveable. Seattle had it! Run Lynch two, maybe three more times and I can almost guarantee he would have stuffed the ball in the end zone, instead of ending up losing 28-24.

But oh well, there is always next year. Please just tell me you won’t try to run that pass play again if you ever have the chance.

Soccer, Football & Futbol

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